Browsers and Systems with Izenpe certificates included

Izenpe certificates are accepted by:

  • Microsoft:
    • Windows,
    • Windows phone (6.5 or later) 
    • Internet Explorer (IE7 or later)
  • Apple
    • Mac OSX Yosemite and Mavericks,
    • iOS (5 or later) 
    • Safari (v.10.5 or later)
  • Google:
    • Android (4.3 or later) 
    • Chrome uses the root programs of the operating systems from which it is executed.
  • Mozilla: Firefox
  • Opera: Opera browser (v.9 or later). Starting with v.14, just like Google Chrome, it uses the root program of the operating system.
  • Adobe: acrobat and reader (v.9 or later)

Browsers that use the root programs of each operating system will follow these guidelines:

  • When launched in Windows, the Microsoft root program will be used,
  • When launched in Apple OS X, the Apple OS X root program will be used,
  • When launched in Linux, the Mozilla libraries will be used,
  • When launched in Android, the Android libraries will be included.





  • Certificado Aenor 27001
  • Recognition of equality Emakunde
  • Bikain, Euskararen Kalitate Ziurtagiria
  • lsti