Ziurra, certified communication

E-Administration, that is, digital transactions between citizens, governments, companies and clients, has become a significant challenge today, with government and businesses endeavouring to offer continuous service and more effective processes.


As both a Certification Authority and a Timestamping Authority, Izenpe can act as a trusted third party ("digital notary"), certifying legal act and contracts. For this reason, Izenpe has created a service giving proof that an email has been sent and received by the receiver.


Simple technology with legal validity


In other words, provide citizens and entities with an instrument for sending emails which verifies the time they are sent and ensures their integrity, in addition to proof that can be presented to a third party.




Izenpe application e-mail. To use the service, simply choose the pre-paid packet that best suits your needs. Then register by completing the form provided in the link below and send to  info@izenpe.com.


» Registration form for Ziurr@ certified communication.




Proof of delivery:

The service provides a LOG OF SENT AND RECEIVED EMAILS, keeping a summary of messages and attachments, and the response from the recipient's server.


Proof of content:

SIGNATURE AND STAMP on the message protects the content and attachments, guaranteeing integrity and non-repudiation.


Official timestamp:

GUARANTEES THE TIME an email is sent, preventing repudiation.


Admissible evidence:

Guarantees the time an email is sent, plus the INTEGRITY AND AUTHENTICITY OF THE MESSAGE.


Certified e-mails are sent via any email application.

All you need is to sign up for Ziurr@-Rem

Steps: Sender

  • Add the extension .rem.izenpe.net to the message you want to send (ex. pruebamail@correo.com.ziurra.izenpe.eus).
  • First, you'll receive a signed email which contains the sent email together with the timestamps generated.
  • Then you'll receive a signed email with proof of the sent email. 


* You'll receive a signed email that indicates a certified communication with the original message attached.



The Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market, (section 7) states:

1. Data sent or received using an electronic delivery service shall be admissible as evidence in legal proceedings with regard to the integrity of the data and the certainty of the date and time at which the data were sent to or received by a specified addressee.

2. Data sent or received using a qualified electronic delivery service shall enjoy legal presumption of the integrity of the data and the accuracy of the date and time of sending or receiving the data indicated by the qualified electronic delivery system.


  • Certificado Aenor 27001
  • Recognition of equality Emakunde
  • Bikain, Euskararen Kalitate Ziurtagiria
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