Citizen Certificate

The Citizen Certificate is configured as an electronic signature certificate with the legal effect of a recognized certificate. It is the most secure type of digital certificate, the signature of which is as legally binding as paper-based signing.



These certificates have a validity of 4 years. Izenpe offers a user service to deal with incidents affecting its certificates and to provide support for instalation and use at 902 542 542 / 945 01 62 90.



Sixty days before the certificate expiration date, Izenpe will send an email to the address provided on the application form to notify the user of the renewal process. A new certificate will be issued with an effective date no earlier than the expiration date of the previous certificate to ensure uninterrupted usage.


There are two ways to request the Izenpe Citizen Certificate:

1.- If you already have an Izenpe Citizen Certificate or an active DNIe and you know the password, you can complete the entire process online. You will be mailed the card with the certificate to the street address provided. Beginning of application.

2.- If this does not apply, face-to-face identification will be required. Fill in the application and complete the process  schedule an appointment at one of the Izenpe registration points.



  • Certificado Aenor 27001
  • Recognition of equality Emakunde
  • Bikain, Euskararen Kalitate Ziurtagiria
  • lsti